Top 10 Educational Learnings from Nexus

AMCP Top Education Sessions

1. It is expected that there will be 98 patent expirations between now and 2025, leading to significant opportunities for biosimilars. 

2. 95% of rare diseases do not currently have an FDA-approved treatment 

3. Digital therapeutics are estimated to become a $56B global market by 2025. 

4. Mean orphan drug annual cost per patient in the U.S. is almost 4.5 times greater than non-orphan drug cost.  

5. Inflammatory conditions are the leading therapy class based on PMPY spend at $241. 

6. 54-74 gene therapies are projected to be approved for the US market by 2030. 

7. The 2021 Medicare Part D enrollment was concentrated in 3 national firms, accounting for 56% of total enrollment.  

8. Currently, biosimilars have, on average, a 30% lower ASP than their respective reference biologic.  

9. There are 4 billion total prescriptions each year in the U.S., with 720 million of them impacted by genetics.  

10. The estimated impact of non-optimized medication therapy on U.S. annual health care spend is $528B.